Thursday, February 14, 2008

I play a great "crazy chef"

I was up at 4am this morning. No one was sick. There were no predators trying to get my chickens or goats. Abby wasn't even awake. But, I was up. You see, I had to make a special breakfast.

When we lived in Arizona, Meagan expressed a desire to have a meal alone with her daddy. So, we arranged one morning for the two of them to eat breakfast out at the bistro table on our front porch. They got all dressed up and we served them. Meagan talks about it all the time. She loved it. In fact, the other day, we were going through boxes of outgrown clothes and she pulled out a dress and declared, "I remember this...I wore this for my breakfast with Daddy!"

So, this morning, for Valentine's, we decided to repeat the experience for her. Of course, being below freezing, we didn't set them out on the front porch. But, we did go all out. I made up menus and Caleb and I planned a breakfast of sliced strawberries and heart-shaped pancakes covered in M&Ms with raspberry juice to drink. Caleb played the waiter, I played the chef, and we had Meagan get on her fancy dress.

She was all smiles. And, as I did last time, I made an appearance to check on my customers. I go out, complete with an accent and dramatic gestures. Meagan laughs the whole time I'm in the room.

We end the meal with our bill. We had to decline the first credit card that Don tried to pay with and then gave him some financial advice. Then, Don was off to work and we all climbed back into bed. That is, after I fed my other demanding "customer" who by then had woken up.

I think we gave Meagan a good memory to last her a while.

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