Friday, February 22, 2008

Garlic: wards off colds AND vampires

I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling the beginnings of a miserable cold. Head, throat, ear, and sinus pain and general yuckiness. I got up and decided to fight that cold with all I've got. I swallowed a smashed garlic clove, chased with yogurt, took a mega Vitamin C capsule and an Echinacea, and drank a glass of water. Back to bed I went, feeling like I was trying to ward off vampires. I guess it's better than morning breath, but man, that's some strong smell. When morning came, I repeated the process and after breakfast, went back to bed for a little bit. I am happy to report that I'm feeling much, much better. I think I'm kicking this bug. But, actually, I'm much more concerned about Abby getting it. There is nothing worse than a sick baby. I just hate it when little ones can't breathe clearly. So far, she's doing fine.

What is funny is that I just yesterday saw a cute tutorial by the daughter of the lady on one of the blogs I normally read. She was instructing on the way to take garlic. Very cute. I will say that the first time I tried garlic as a sickness preventative, I just popped a clove in my mouth and started chewing. Wowzers! That was a kick. Taking it pre-chewed, so to speak, is much better. It still burns a bit, but it gets it out of your mouth much more quickly. Then you just have to watch out for the inevitable garlic burps.

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