Sunday, January 6, 2008

Emergency Butchering

The day started out with a bang. We had intended to get right to work on shingling the garage, but when Don went out to the chicken coop, he found a mess. One poor hen had somehow gotten ahold of some string and brought it up on top of the kennel. (If you remember, the coop has a dog kennel inside and dog run connected to it that we left. It is fenced off from the rest of the coop, but it allows the cats to come in and take shelter.) Well, she got the string all tangled up in the wires on the cage and then around her foot. I'm sure you see where this is going. She jumped off the kennel, but the string caught and left her dangling upside down. When Don found her, her leg was a broken mess. We felt so bad for her. We have no idea how long she was like that. So, we quickly grabbed supplies and went to work putting her out of her misery and getting an early start on the butchering that was scheduled for tomorrow.

We then got right to work on the shingling and did that until we had to break for lunch and Don had to leave for work. Caleb and I got back up after lunch and did another hour and a half of work. I only hit my thumb twice (and cried only one of the times). It was a good day of work. Unfortunately, we didn't get all of school done, but I'm thinking the impromptu anatomy lesson on the chicken must count.

Here is a little funny from the country...
I was sitting in the rocking chair by the front window and Caleb walked up to me. We heard a car and he says that he thinks it is coming from the left. It passes the house, and then he enthusiastically calls out, "Here comes another one! This is sooo exciting!" It took me a while to catch my breath from laughing. I guess he has successfully transformed into a country boy because a city boy surely wouldn't get all revved up over two whole cars!

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