Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice storm pictures

Last night, it started raining. And, since the temperature was only 20-something, we had quite a bit of ice pile up. As I was laying (or is it lying?) in bed this morning, hoping that Abby wasn't really waking up and that I could get a bit more shut-eye, I heard a tree branch come crashing down out in the tree line behind our house. These are things you just don't experience in Arizona!

Normally, I'm very much an indoor-sort-of-person when the temperatures are below, say, 50. I get cold very easily. I once spent a week at my in-laws' house in Pennsylvania one winter where I don't think my teeth stopped chattering. Ever. I wore my long underwear the entire time.

It hasn't been as bad here because I have a 10-pound little heater that I get to carry around with me much of the day. She really puts off some heat! I still like to stay indoors, though. However, the chickens need tending to twice a day and though Don is home for the morning chores, I get to do the honors of the evening chores.

Tonight, I took my camera with me. Here are a few of the pictures of the ice.
Here is a shot of Don's ladder out by the garage. This is why Don hasn't been working on shingling the roof lately.
And here is a shot of the clothesline...why I haven't been hanging clothes out to dry.
And here is Don's bike...why we haven't been out biking lately.
At our house, it's all about the excuses you can come up with.

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Dawn said...

Oh brrr! That is a lot of ice. I hope you stay safe and warm. Have a great day.