Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just call me the Forgetful Fairy

Meagan lost her first tooth yesterday! My baby is growing up. She was thinking that maybe, just maybe, the tooth fairy may leave her an American Girl doll under her pillow (this one in particular). Well, it seems that the tooth fairy had a headache last night & was very tired & plum forgot to leave even the standard dollar she normally leaves! (bad mom! bad mom!!) So, this morning, when I saw her little missing tooth grin, I panicked & sent her to play in her brother's room. I ran & grabbed the dollar & reached up into her bed (it is over a playhouse) to put it under her pillow, giving myself a cramp in my shoulder in the process, and then went to Caleb's room. I said, "Meagan, did you look to see what the tooth fairy left?" She nodded her head & looked soooo disappointed. I, again panicking, said that I had just heard some commotion in her room & that she should go look again. Lame, I know. Anyway, all's well that ends well, I guess. It is so much easier with Caleb, who knows that the tooth fairy is a forgetful, crazy woman who sometimes makes up wild stories (in other words, he knows it's me!)

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