Monday, March 5, 2007

Perhaps it should come with a warning label

Apparently, I am unable to perform even the simplest of tasks at the sewing machine in the early morning hours.

Saturday morning, I sewed the sleeve into the dress I'm making for Meagan. It's a darling prairie-style dress, but as I'm making it, I can tell I bought the wrong size pattern. It was the first pattern I bought & I didn't know that sizes don't really transfer well from the racks to the pattern drawers. Anyway, that's not the mistake I'm telling you about. That was just a bonus!! Lucky you. So, Saturday morning, at 6am, I'm sewing in this sleeve. I gather & pin & adjust & baste & then stitch it once. I was supposed to stitch it twice, but I just decided to turn it right side out to see how it looked so far. Well, it looked fabulous, except that the sleeve was wrong-side-out. By 6:30, I had ripped all the stitching back out & was ready to do it right. I did manage to get the sleeve in right when I redid it, but I cannot tell you how many times I checked & double checked it!

This morning, even before 6am, I decided to work on the hem. I pull the dress over to the ironing board to press it into position. Get it all done, and, ugh! It's folded the wrong direction. (That is, unless I want to hem it on the OUTSIDE of the dress!!) I put the dress down, turned the iron off, and backed away from it slowly. Early morning sewing is not meant to be. I think there oughtta be a sign on the machine..."Not to be used before 7am." I mean, after all, when all I get accomplished are things that I have to then undo & redo, I'm not really getting a jump on the day, am I? No, I think not. I've learned my lesson. Better to do less challenging things, like genetic sequencing or something.

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