Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Here's a stumper...

It's trash day. I didn't put the trash out because we were leaving to take the car in for an oil change & I had forgotten until we were pulling out, and besides, I knew there was only 1 bag in there. We got home from taking the car in & what's this? A big OVERFLOWING trash can in front of our house! Who stuck their can in front of our house & why? It's not like the other side of the street had been done & they were late. This is contracted trash service & there are 3 different companies who service our area. This is a company can, so whoever has it, must have trash service. I have half a mind (no jokes please!) to wheel it on down the sidewalk so that it sits where nobody lives. I'm waiting for the trash guys to come so I can see who comes to get this can. I feel a bit like Gladys Kravitz, looking out my window. Life in the suburbs is a thrill a minute, I tell ya! A thrill a minute.

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