Monday, August 28, 2006

Wisdom from a seven-year-old

We've started to attend a church that uses the King James Version. We've never been in a church like this before, so we've been questioning. We decided to research it a bit & got a book called "Which Version is The Bible?" and have been discussing it a lot. Last night, in the middle of talking about it, Caleb came up & said "Hey, let me help you guys out here." We were all ears. He proceeded to explain that the KJV must be right because that was how they talked "back then." After giggling a little, we explained the timeline, the languages of the Bible and such and that the KJV-style of speech had nothing to do with Jesus' day or the original language. We thought it was cute. Don remembered the story that Mark Twain had said he left home at 18, came back at 22, and was shocked at how much his parents had learned. Apparently, our son thinks we are a little obtuse and we try to turn a really simple thing into something much more complicated.

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