Saturday, April 15, 2006

The joys of homeownership

This should be an interesting day. Yesterday, the garage door all of a sudden began to just stop about a foot off the ground. There was nothing in the way & I couldn't figure it out. So, last night, Don goes out to look at it & takes Meagan with. I hear him yell her name & when I go out to the garage, there he is standing in the middle of the garage between both cars holding the light/motor part of the opener, with cords still dangling from the ceiling. The whole thing just fell right out! And nearly on top of Meagan! It actually landed on his car, but amazingly, there's no damage. The garage door, however, is now a little dented in in the middle since it was supporting most of the weight of the heavy opener.

So, today, he gets to try to put it back up. Forget my list of things to do. Ugh. At least he gets a Home Depot fix out of it! How does an opener just fall out of a stud??? In fixing it, we also have to try to figure that one out so it doesn't happen again.

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