Monday, January 30, 2006

An A-HA moment

I'm reading a really fascinating book called Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin. It's actually the second of his books that I've read. The other one is Pastured Poultry Profits. Since we aren't able to pursue the farm life for at least another year & a half, we're spending our time intellectually readying ourselves. I know that you can't learn to be a farmer from books. But, in the meantime, it's a good way to learn a few things & get us at least headed in the right direction when we do get to start. These two books are all about raising meat the way that we want to eat it. This guy runs a farm in VA and really makes this happen. Reading his books makes me all the more sure that I don't want to be dependent on the grocery store for my meat & eggs anymore!

Anyway, he was writing about why he does what he does & why he doesn't waste his time trying to convince people. He says "If you don't want to believe what I say, I won't convince you anyway." In other words, "Our hearts define what our minds will believe." Man, is that so true. And true in so many areas! It's the precise reason you can't argue anyone into heaven or why you can't just argue someone into changing political parties. And, on a smaller scale, you can't convince someone that you are eating healthy if they are convinced of a different paradigm. I read so often of people who did x, y, or z and how they now feel worlds better. If I don't believe x is good for you, I'm sure not going to be convinced because they say so! It doesn't fit with what I think, and I discard any "evidence" they can come up with. I can say this will all assurance that you probably do the same thing too! Anyway, I may not be making any sense, but that chapter really made me shout A-men! Luckily, I agree with him, so he doesn't have to convince me! I just want to know the how-to make it happen.

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